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Preparing Extraordinary Professionals

It is our belief that wellness is a state of optimum health that is desired by most humans. Health and wellness can be achieved through the active pursuit of good health and the removal of barriers to health and wellness.

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Our Programs

We offer comprehensive training to get you started on the basics of nursing safely and effectively.

NCLEX Review
CNA to LVN Bridge

The NCLEX review program is designed to re-evaluate the entire nursing curriculum and focus on core nursing concepts and theories that…

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Nurse Aide

Students will competently function in the role of a nurse aide in long term and acute care facility. Student will accurately and completely…

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Nurse Aide Continuing Education

Effective September 1, 2013 a nurse aide renewing a certification must complete at least 24 hours of in-service education every two years…

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This Pharmacology course is specially designed for Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses and Student Nurses wishing to refresh…

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Our Team

Nursing Bridges Institute helps grow and maintain allied and nursing workforce diversity by creating career and income growth opportunity for members of our immediate community; more so for ethnic minority and immigrant populations.

Herman Cook
Dr. Anna Itaman Founder – RN BSN MSN PhD

Herman Cook
Dr. Simon Itaman Founder – RN PhD