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NCLEX Review CNA to LVN Bridge – Nursing Bridges Inc.

Course Title

NCLEX Review CNA to LVN Bridge

Course Description

The NCLEX review program is designed to re-evaluate the entire nursing curriculum and focus on core nursing concepts and theories that enable the nurse transfer theoretical knowledge to clinical situations such as will be tested in the NCLEX examination. Contents includes but not limited to implementing basic care , facilitating comfort, promoting patient safety, implementing health promotion measures, preventing complications, and mastering disease management models.

Course Objectives

Upon Completion of our nursing review program prospective nurses will:

  1. Verbalize understanding of the NCLEX test plan as it relates to patient safety, basic care and comfort, health promotion, disease prevention, disease management; and preservation of psychosocial and physiologic integrity.
  2. Demonstrate understanding of the universal structure that defines nursing actions and competencies
  3. Verbalize deeper understanding of core nursing concepts and theories
  4. Develop advance test taking skills through planned strategy
  5. Improve test scores by 80% or above in practices exercises
  6. Verbalize readiness and confidence in taking the NCLEX

Enrollment Criteria

  1. Must have enrolled in a local or foreign Nursing Program that is accredited or approved by the jurisdiction for which they seek licensure.
  2. Must have completed a course of study in nursing or be near completion.
  3. Must have received or awaiting permission to test for NCLEX from the State Board of Nursing they seek Licensure.
  4. Must meet the requirement for licensure through equivalent education and experience in California: Ref Code of Regulation section 2516 (B)
  5. Must have a valid government-issued Photo I.D

Approval & Regulation

Exempted by Texas Workforce Commission under Texas education code section 132.002(a) (9) July 2009)

Course Duration

Six months. Students are expected to spend at least four hundred and eighty additional hours of self- studies on practice exercises, group activities, case studies and research activities accompanying this course.

Contact Hours

480 hrs.

Delivery Method

Classroom lecture utilizing audio visual aids, Clinical laboratory practice, lab simulation and mentor-ship.

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