Nursing Assistant program (Nurse aide)

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  • Upon completion of Nursing Bridges Institute nurse aide program students will:

    • Verbalize understanding of the principles and practice of basic nursing skills as stipulated by Texas Department of Aging and Disability (TDADS).
    • Demonstrate cultural competency, show compassion in caring, and uphold ethical values
    • Provide safe basic nursing care to clients under the supervision of a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Registered Nurse and/or Licensed Physician.
    • Demonstrate compliance and assume ethical and legal responsibility while performing his/her duties.
    • Demonstrate maximum acceptable proficiency in providing safe and effective care to clients by alleviating pain and promoting comfort.
    • Demonstrate proficiency and safety in administering basic nursing care and treatment to clients in long term care.
    • Demonstrate proficiency in effective communication skills when caring for clients in long term care regardless of social economic background.
    • Demonstrate safety and competency in skills when caring for the aged client, disabled client and clients with cognitive and behavioral impairment.
    • Successfully pass the NNAAP certification exam
    • Demonstrate skills required for seeking employment.
    • Demonstrate interest in continuing personal development and nursing career advancement


This program is a 10 weeks course and classes begin every three months. Every student is expected to complete the entire course curriculum to graduate. A certificate of completion will be issued to student upon graduation. To practice in the state of Texas/Florida, student must take the final Nurse Aide competency Examination administered by the Department of aging and Disability through Pearson Vue Nurse Aide competency Examination Services (NACES). Upon passing the Examination, student will be listed in the Nurse Aide Registry.

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“We are delighted to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals who embody their role in acute and community care settings”

“Our faculty is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to be teachers who are compassionate, culturally competent and uphold professional values”

“Nursing Bridges Institute accepts responsibility for personal and professional development”